Free event: Kids Rule Film Festival, Feb 5-6, 2021

Cartoon of kids playing

Studio 138 invites you and your family to the latest edition of the Kids Rule Film Festival. The festival features short films of all genres – comedy, drama, documentary, animation, music – from around the world, including some films by kids for kids.

The films are suitable for children 6 to 12, some with mild scary themes.

You will also have the chance to vote for your favourite films.

Tickets are free but bookings are essential and strictly limited. If you are feeling unwell, we ask that you not attend.

Available sessions are (approx 1 hr):

Friday, February 5, 7 pm

Saturday, February 6, 2 pm

Saturday, February 6, 5 pm

Fill out the form below to book your seats.


Winners – Audience Favourites

Thank you to all the amazing filmmakers from around the world who took part in our film festival. Our audiences loved all the films. Below are the two films that received the most audience votes in their respective categories:

Short films for kidsKenya’s Symphony, USA, directed by Carlos Douglas Jr

Short films for kids by kidsEarth Is Not A Bin, United Kingdom, directed by Betsey Blacklock Johnson

Finding Studio 138

Park at and access from Myer car park, Dubbo (off Brisbane Street). You will see signs for Studio 138 to the right of the rear of Myer.

New music: “Rising Sun” performed by Indistinct Chatter

Rising Sun is Dubbo band, Indistinct Chatter’s, take on the old folk song House of the Rising Sun. Rising Sun is in a soft rock ballad with orchestral elements, and a scorching guitar solo performed by Wez Thompson on a Gibson 1960 reissue Les Paul with Humbucker pickups. The amp was an ML Sound Lab Amp SIM of a Van Halen 5150 Mark 3 Head.

The music video has a stylised 1950s retro-Noir film and tells the story of a young couple whose life falls apart thanks to drinking, gambling and gangsters.

Director’s statement (Daniel Rutter)

“The Rising Sun video came about after I was approached by Mick, lead singer of Indistinct Chatter to direct the script for a music video written by Erifili Davis. The song was Rising Sun, a version of the old folk song, House of the Rising Sun.

“The concept of the video was rather interesting as Erifili had centered it around a 50s gangster feel, and I saw the opportunity to try a Noir style of filming. I’ve always wanted to do a noir film so this was my chance. While I strayed a little from the noir look, I felt it to be pretty close to my original vision.”

Indistinct Chatter

Vocals + Guitar – Mick Davis

Guitar – Jackson Peackock

Bass – Daniel Rutter

Drums – Kirk Watts

with Guitar (solo) – Wez Thompson

Post audio production

Wez Thompson, Hot Trax Recording

Music video

Director / Cinematographer – Daniel Rutter, Daniel Rutter Films

Writer / Art director – Erifili Davis, Studio 138

Editor / Colorist – Daniel Rutter

‘B’ camera operators – Jackson Peacock / Marcello Davis

Producer – Erifili Davis


Boy – Jordan Davis

Girl – Milla Ross

Gambler – Thomas Roberts

Gambler – Beau Carter

Gambler – Oliver Burn

Body guard – Daryl Rodda

Man in park- Archie Creenaune

With thanks

The Establishment Dubbo

The Milestone Hotel

About Studio 138

Studio 138 is located in Dubbo’s CBD and is a multi-purpose creative studio. As well as hosting our own live and online events and performances, we welcome other creatives looking to collaborate.

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Coming soon: “Rising Sun” music video

Studio 138, along with local band Indistinct Chatter and Daniel Rutter films, has been working on a music video for the song “Rising Sun”, a version of the folk song “House of the Rising Sun”, made famous in the 1960s by The Animals.

Above is the teaser trailer and we’ll be releasing the full version November 11, 2020. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for the full version when it drops.

Small Space Gig: Tarry Tree & Friends, 19/07/2020

The first of our Small Space Gigs, recorded live at Studio 138, Dubbo. “Ain’t Done Yet”, performed by Tarry Tree and Friends.

“Ain’t Done Yet” is an original song by Dubbo muscian and SOMAD member, Michael Davis. Mick is also co-owner of Studio 138.

Of the song, Mick says: “This song was born out of a little cord progression that recently came into my head. A melody line followed, and then some lyrics that I thought my beautiful niece Liz would be happy to sing. This is our pilot Small Space Gig and I want to thank all of those who contributed to this concept.”

Small Space Gigs is a concept Studio 138 put together to share locally made live music online. As well as music, we plan to share other local creative collaborations through this channel – watch this space. Subscribe, like and share so we can get the message out there that Studio 138 is the creative hub of Dubbo.


Words and music by: Michael “Mick” Davis

Performed by: Tarry Tree

  • Elizabeth Johnston (nee Tarry) – vocals
  • Simon Tarry – drums
  • Andrew Tarry – acoustic guitar
  • Kate Wiktorowicz – keyboard


  • Michael Davis – electric guitar
  • Wez Thompson – bass (off-screen)

Video and editing: Marcello Davis

Post-production, audio – Wez Thompson, Hot Trax Recording,

Release date: July 26, 2020

About Studio 138

Studio 138 is located in Dubbo’s CBD and is a multi-purpose creative studio. As well as hosting our own live and online events and performances, we welcome other creatives looking to collaborate. We invite other local and regional musicians who are interested in taking part in our Small Space Gigs.

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Kids Rule Film Festival – July 17-18, 2020

Cartoon of kids playing

Studio 138 is pleased to be hosting the Kids Rule Film Festival July 17-18, 2020 – a screening of short films for children aged 6 to 14 (all ages welcome). We will be screening films from all around the world including:

  • animation
  • comedy
  • documentary
  • music
  • films for kids made by kids

Suggested rating is PG, with some mildly scary scenes. Join us for a session of unique films from Australia and around the world. Plus, vote for your favourite! Scroll down the page for our full program (including some trailers).

There will be 3 screenings with strictly limited audience sizes, total duration just under 60 minutes. Audience members will be required to sign in for contact tracing. Feel free to bring your own snacks and drinks.

Note: children must be accompanied by an adult

We ask, if you are unwell, to stay home.

If you have any questions or are having difficulties booking tickets, email

How to get to Studio 138:

Park at and access from Myer car park, Dubbo (off Brisbane Street).

Purchase your tickets securely online using PayPal.

Note – if you would like to book a private screening for up to 12 people ($50 total) please click here to send us an email. This can be one of the scheduled sessions or a seperate session.

July 17, 2020 – 6 pm

All tickets are $5 each person


July 18, 2020 – 11 am

All tickets are $5 each person

July 18, 2020 – 4 pm

All tickets are $5 each person

Festival Program

Listen to the Mother of the Sea (Denmark), Rikke Hallund

Detention (USA), Michelle Tang (age 15)

There’s No Place for a Uke on Halloween (Australia), Elizabeth Usher

The Monster (Australia), Quang Tran (age 14)

The Adventures of Balloon Bunny and Mr Dragon (Australia), Elizabeth Hogan (age 14)

The Cloud Cover – A Short-film in Lock-down from Sydney, Australia (Australia), Dev Basak

Wednesday (Canada/French), Lisa Delhom, Jérémy Paquet

Stewy Baby a Dogumentary (USA), Kristin Cooper-Herby

The Double Life of Hugh (USA), Ben Tobin

Ukulele Boogie Woogie (Australia), Elizabeth Usher

Cinematic Love Story (Germany), Patrick Büchting (18)

Recorder Wars (Australia), Linta Roy (17 years)

New original music: “To Judy, from Daphne”

Studio 138 co-owner, Mick Davis, has released his first live performance recording, part of a planned five song original EP. “To Judy, From Daphne” is a very personal song. Read more about the story behind the song below the video.

Studio 138 is located in Dubbo’s CBD and is a multi-purpose creative studio. As well as hosting our own live and online events and performances, we welcome other creatives looking to collaborate. Find out more here or click here to send an email.

About the song (from Mick Davis)

I’m Mick and this is my first live performance recording. Please excuse the clumsy loop creation but one has to start somewhere.

This is a song I wrote late last year and I had been reflecting on for quite some time. I know my sister, Judy, had some trouble dealing with the absence of our mother, Daphne throughout her life as we lost her when we were all children. . Whilst I know little about our mother in a real sense, I do get a feel from others as to the type of lady she was. I wanted to try to reassure Judy that everything was okay and she should ‘treasure every precious moment’ as I believe Daphne would have wanted her to. Whilst this song specifically talks to Judy, I dedicate it to all my siblings, Patsy, Stephen, Jennifer and Judy, as I think we all deserve to know that our mother would be proud of us and the lives we have chosen for ourselves. It’s long and a little self-indulgent but I believe both ladies deserve the time.

Finally special thanks to my son, Marcello Davis, for the inspired video and sound production and his first foray into putting together a music clip.

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Indie Comedy Film Festival

What the world needs now is more laugh – and what better way to provide then than through an online film festival of short comedy films.

Whilst Studio 138 will not be holding any live events at this time, we still want to bring entertainment from independent artists to Dubbo and around the world. That’s where the idea for an online comedy film festival came from.

Entries are currently open to filmmakers from around the world on FilmFreeway and close May 23, 2020.

The online film festival will be available online privately to ticket holders. The film festival will be screened online June 6 to 7, 2020 (Sydney, Australia time). Tickets will be $AUD5 (plus processing fee).

Audience members will have the opportunity to vote for their favourite film of the festival (one vote per ticket). The audience favourite award winner will receive $US40 and an certificate.

Romance Rules Film Festival 2020 – official selections

Romance Rules Film Festival

Part 1

Stood Up – Cjay Boisclair (Canada, 2019)

Kandy – Dubbo Filmmakers (Dubbo, 2014)

A Violent Noise – Natalie MacMahon (Germany, 2019)

Beat – Pascale Potvin (Canada, 2017)

Space – Erifili Davis & Kellie Jenner (Dubbo, 2017)

Hungry Millennials – Edward Fearon (Australia, 2019)

Petrichor – Cameron Moon (UK, 2019)


Part 2

Village Cafe – Alina Gerasimova (USA, 2019)

Turn It Around – Ingeborg Putter (Netherlands, 2017)

100% Girl – Chen Liangyu (Taiwan, 2019)

Backbeat – Martin Blank (USA, 2019)

Slides – Andres Padilla (USA, 2018)

Connection – Erifili Davis (Dubbo, 2018)

Maria – Robert Burns

Lit – Thia Schuessler (USA, 2019)

Audience Choice Award Winners

Congratulations to the teams behind the short films Petrichor and Stood Up, joint winners of our Romance Rules Film Festival Audience Choice award.

A big thank you to all the other filmmakers who contributed to a wonderful night of film.