Read My Script Film Festival

Actors reading through a script at Studio 138

There is no better way of perfecting your screenplay or stage play than by hearing experienced actors read your words. Read My Script Film Festival gives you just such an opportunity.

We accept stage plays and screenplays of up to approximately 15 minutes in length. Selected scripts will be read to a live audience and streamed online (ticketed event). The recorded event will be available to purchases up to 3 months after the event date.

You retain full rights to your screenplay and there is no limitation on production status. We reserve the right to record, stream and make available through VOD of the reading (should your script be selected) for up to 3 months from the event date.

Script requirements:

Maximum length 15 minutes (for standard formats, 15 page screen play and 10 page stage play).

We will have up to 4 actors reading. There is no limit on the number of characters but please be aware there may be some double up in the readings. Where possible, we will try to match genders to characters.

Event date (live reading and live stream): December 11, 2021. Please note: live reading is subject to any public health orders in place at the time. The live stream will go ahead regardless.